Banking Service Area Improvement


Revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) solution, for an age old banking industry.

Full end to end development of a revolutionary IoT concept for the complex banking industry brought to life through a consumer facing application, consumer held RFID enabled bank card & an on-site beacon enabled Queue Management System (QMS) with rich features including facial and emotional recognition used to  quantify customer satisfaction.

Few key tangible benefits driven through the solution:
• Optimise labour resources and customer flow within the retail space.
• Load balance customer queues within the branches by providing real-time wait times back to consumers via a smart IOS / Android APP.
• Real time demand forecast owing to consumers being able to join a virtual queue via the APP.
• Assist in online migration for low-value transactions by providing consumers in-flow recommendations on services chosen via the APP.
• Proactive, superior customer service delivered to “priority customers” through the smart RFID reader’s that alert branch managers of their arrival.

  • Client: Iquebox
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development
  • Website:

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